Privacy Policy

Use of Personal Information

Alpha is dedicated to data protection and privacy. Alpha complies fully with the data protection legislation to ensure all your collected data is used for education purposes at Alpha only. Personal information submitted at Alpha will not be shared with any other non-affiliated third party unless informed at the time of data collection. Alpha only collects essential information required and uses it for the stated purposes only.


All collected data at the Alpha is utilized after consent unless voluntarily provided via Alpha’s platform. Parent(s)/guardian(s) permission is sought for the use of student information in circumstances otherwise.

Website Cookies

Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer (unless you block them). Cookies on Alpha’s website do not collect any personal information. Cookies only facilitate the user experience while navigating the website. Please note, once you are done using our website, our cookies have no impact on your user experience over the internet and will not have control over other websites, hence Alpha will not take any responsibility for data breach users may have while visiting other websites.

Accessing your personal information

Alpha restricts personal data access to others. However, in instances where we do share personal data, we ensure that data handling is secure and protected over websites, applications, and services. Data protection is done under the guidelines mentioned by relevant public agencies and authorities.

External Links

Alpha utilizes external websites which are not affiliated with or owned by Alpha Education Network. The users are therefore required to know when they are exiting our website and moving towards a different platform. Alpha is not responsible for any data collection done by external websites. Users are encouraged to review privacy policies when moving to other websites.

Data Security

Personal information submitted by our users such as contact, address, etcetera, are encrypted and protected through multiple security layers. Our servers that store information are secure and in a safe environment to ensure data security of personal information.

Non-Secured Communication

All communication over the Alpha forum, social media, website, and boards are visible to the public. Users are advised not to share personal information over these platforms as it is accessible to a wider audience.

Amendments to Privacy Policy

This privacy policy does not serve as a legal binding contract or promise. Alpha reserves all rights to amend and modify the privacy policy without any prior notice. Any such changes will be posted on this page.

Contact Information

For queries, questions, and suggestions please feel free to reach out to us on